Students of MSU Technology faculty and volunteers of Faith foundation took out a final procession of cigarette and burned it after moving in and around the campus. The aim is to spread the message about the harmful effects of consuming tobacco which can be life threatening. The programme is the part of celebration week before the world tobacco day falls on 31st May.

The volunteers of Faith foundation and faculty students took out the final procession of the cigarette replica and moves in and around the faculty. They also held banners and boards with messages showing the deadly effects of tobacco and spread the awareness to stop consuming it. At the end they burn the cigarette effigy with a meaning that it burns the body from inside.

“This year the theme for the World Tobacco Day is ‘Tobacco Break Heart’ and we celebrate the whole week with various awareness programmes at different places. We give the slogan ‘Tambaku Se Yaari Dil Pe Bhaari’ and organise programmes on the theme. On Tuesday about 90 students and volunteers both took out the symbolic final procession of the cigarette to spread the message about its deadly effects,” said Suzaane Christian founder of Faith foundation.

She also added that for the whole week various programmes are lined up to spread the awareness among the people.


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