Today as the whole world is celebrating World Environment Day here is a story from Vadodara which takes us to a nostalgic journey showing the beautiful relation between brother and sister. Celebrated filmmaker Dhiru Mistry showed the beautiful relation which also spreads a message to love your environment.

In the year 1988 Information directorate,  Government of Gujarat asked him to make a documentary on “Environment” and thus “Veer Pasli” film was made. In Gujarat Veerpasli is a gift given to the sister by the brother on tying Rakhi to brother.

Mistry planned the storyline and clubbed it with bother sister relation to give a beautiful message to love nature. “A teacher is visiting a village after 30 years where he served for many years. From the tanga he alights and stands near a big tree and he goes down the memory lane. He remebers his pupil namely Gita who tied Rakhi on his wrist and he gives her a sapling as Veer Pasli,” said Mistry.

He added that the storyline of the film moves forward and the teacher felt nostalgic after saw the same tree which was bloosomed from a sapling which he had given Gita as Veerpasli. Meanwhile a lady comes and starts doing pooja of that tree and on asking why she worships this tree she answers,  “I have a daughter who is married off.  While going to her husband’s house she took a promise that on every Raxa Bandhan day I should do pooja of this tree.” Teacher becomes emotional.

This teacher’s son opens a factory and the very Gita who becomes an envirometalist inaugurates the factory.  In her inaugaral speech Gita says,  “I am happy to inaugarate this factory as it is my teacher’s son who owns it. ” Film ends with clappings.

The film stood first in the state level and won laurels for its effort to spread the message about gifting a sapling to everyone. “The film had artists like Prof. Mahesh Champaklal, Vrunda Trivedi and Disha Shah played their part so well that it won The Gujarat State 1st Award in 1988-89. ” I donated my award money to The Chief Ministers Relief Fund,” said Mistry.

Dhiru Mistry feels that nowadays the awareness about the same is less and everywhere you see the concrete jungles replace the greenery of the city. The need of hour is some sincere efforts towards saving the environment or else the coming generations will find in in textbooks.