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Autorickshaw driver service to humanity in Vadodara

Autorickshaw driver service to humanity in Vadodara

Helping corona patients and their families reach the hospital and back home

In the Corona epidemic, individuals, societies, organizations, mandals and industrial units have come to the aid of Corona patients to the best of their ability. An auto rickshaw driver also join the service to humanity by helping the corona patients and their families reach the hospital and back home in his rickshaw. He is taking 50 patients on a average everyday and said this gives him great satisfaction.

In a corona epidemic someone is helping corona patients directly or indirectly according to their financial situation. Others like associations, organizations provide free tiffin service to patients undergoing corona treatment and their families. Then industrial units and NGOs are contributing in giving ventilators, oxygen concentrators, ambulances to hospitals for the treatment.

Among them Farid Hussain Sheikh is also extend help to patients as per his capacity and drove corona patients to hospital and back home. He is not able to help them financially so providing free transportation to the patients and their family members.

Lives in Tandalja Nasimnagar in Vadodara, Farid Sheikh earns his living by driving autorickshaw for years and support his family wife and two children. Now he is also helping the corona patients taking them to hospital and back home after discharge. Despite of skyrocketing price of CNG he continues to serve the patients.

Farid said, Corona will not last forever and people are mentally and economically disturbed. Hence without thinking of earning he help them reach hospital and back home in his autorickshaw. He said that the biggest service is human service and religion comes later. He stood outside the hospitals waiting for the patients.

Farid Sheikh said, he is not able to support them financially so though about helping them in this way. With this idea he started and taking 50 patients on an average daily to hospitals and back home. This work gives him satisfaction from inside.

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