The coast of Gujarat witnessed sudden spurt in search and rescue of the fishing boats in the last few days. In four separate incidents, distress calls were received by Indian Coast Guard from fishermen for assistance.

Responding to the distress calls swiftly, Coast Guard units on patrol were diverted to provide assistance to these fishermen. On 14 Dec 18, an ICG Ship received distress call from IFB Om Shiv Mahinma off Veraval with 05 crew onboard, requesting assistance due to flooding of engine room leading to multiple machinery failure. ICG Ship provided technical assistance to the boat. All five crew of the boat were rescued and the boat was towed to Veraval harbour under escort.

In a similar incident, Coast Guard Pollution Control Vessel Samudra Pavak rescued 06 crew of fishing boat Kailash Nath near notional International Maritime Boundary Line. The boat reported flooding onboard, despite deflooding assistance by the ship the boat eventually sank. All 06 crew were rescued by the ship.

On 15 Dec 18, ICGS Arush received distress call from fishing boat Jal Dhara with 12 crew onboard. She experienced flooding onboard due to damage to the Hull. The boat was provided assistance and the Hull was repaired by the Ship’s crew. All 12 fishermen were rescued and transferred to another fishing boat in the vicinity. The boat was also towed to safety under escort by ICG Ship.

In yet another incident ICGS Shoor was diverted to assist fishing boat Shree Kodiyar with 08 crew. The boat raised distress call due to engine and communication failure off Diu. The information was received by the Coast Guard through Fisheries Department Veraval. ICG coordinated the search & rescue and the boat was towed to safety by another fishing boat. All 08 fishermen onboard were rescued.

With the rescue of these fishermen, ICG has saved over 50 lives during 2018.



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