Spreading awareness about the Fit India campaign in the city

At 23 Komal Thakur is sure about her future goals and follows it with grit and determination. The Rajput blood inside her helps to fight the odds and move forward in life. After completed her Computer Engineering from Parul University she turns her attention towards modelling but always thrive of missing something.

“I worked as faculty in Aptech computer institute but the hunger inside me to do something keeps me searching for other options and I seriously took modelling a year ago. I was declared first runners up in Starlife fashion show in Agra and that boost my career and I seriously thinking about moving forward. However there is still something inside me which pushed me to do something to serve the society and that took me to start my soup business,” said Komal Thakur.

After lots of brainstorming she finally zero in to start the soup business in the city and take forward the Fit India movement. “My first job makes me understand that I don’t continue here as sitting whole day inside the office. I love to interact with people and that makes me to start my business. I serve them healthy soups every morning and also able to know them through interaction,” said Komal.

Just five days into her new business Komal is among the favourite and wish to continue it. Every day she reached the bandstand with flasks filled with hot healthy soups and serves the fitness enthusiasts with a smile. The gesture makes her a star in just five days of starting the business.

“I woke up early at 4.30 and prepare soups at home and reached there at the garden around 6am in the morning. In just 10rs the early morning walkers can get variety of healthy Drumstick, Mix Vegetable, Beet, Carrot, Mint and Tulsi Ginger soups after their routine exercise. Every day I prepare 100 cups and looking at the response the quantity might be increased in coming days,” said Komal.

Answering to the question about why she starts the soup business she quickly answered ‘to support my mother’. “I always want to do something different which can be good for the society and also to earn enough to support my mother. I was part of Save the Children campaign and as a foodie I wish to spread the message of healthy living in the people of Baroda. After deep research I find the soup business as perfect one as the people can get healthy homemade soup after their morning workout and moving towards a healthy life. I invest from my pocket as I don’t want to waste the money and whatever I earn from the business will handover it to my mother,” said Komal.

Finally she said to be continuing her modelling as the first preference and will take the help of her family and friends to continue the soup business here in the city in her absence. In future she wants to become a successful model, actress and business woman. She admire Kangana Ranaut and also carries a look like her.



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