ASI from Vadodara resumed duty immediately after attending the funeral of his sister


Police service comes with sacrifice and lots of burried hard emotions. Their emotions never fades away in call of duty during hard times. In one such incident a ASI from Vadodara resumed his duty immediately after attending the funeral of his sister.

ASI Ambalala Morarji Bhai working in “Varishth Nirbhayam” Senior Citizen cell Vadodara city is the best example of sacrifice his emotions on call of duty. He suffered grave loss of his sister and went to her funeral. He did rituals to bid farewell to his loving sister and immediately joined duty put the nation first.

Such high level of responsibility keeps the moral, pride and strength of the police department high. In such challenging times when the city is under lockdown such act shows the dedication of the policemen resumed their duties without a second thought to serve the people and nation.


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