Asha workers detained by police in Vadodara


Asha workers in Vadodara are detained by the police on Monday morning and taken to the police headquarter. The police also removed the tent they put inside the collector office. The ladies were also surprised to see such a sudden action by the police.

For more than a month now the Asha workers are sitting inside the Collector office demanding equal salary equal work. Every day with their surprise programmes the Asha workers continue their protest against the government. Even on Sunday they threw bangles on PM Narendra Modi during his road show in Vadodara and was detained by the police from the spot.

The after effect of the Sunday’s incident happens on Monday when the police detained all the Asha workers sitting inside the collector office and take them to the police headquarters. They also remove the tent from the spot.

However the Asha workers shouted slogans at the police headquarters and continue their agitation.




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