Artist fraternity in Vadodara showed their anger on social media after they came across a banner of Gujarat Assembly speaker Rajendra Trivedi hung on the one of the art installations. The art was made by renowned artist Nagji Patel recently passed away. 

Political parties in Vadodara used many spots in the city for their Banners and hoardings. But the height is that they don’t even care about the beautiful art installations and used them for their own personal use.

Artist fraternity in Vadodara write on social Media “

“Is this the City of “Art N Culture” ?

Today I feel very hurt
When I saw this

Is this a work of Art of renowned Artist
Mr.Nagji Patel ???????
Or is these are just 2 Pillars
To hang any Banner ????

If we just can not respect WORK OF ART
Then STOP installing art works at any PUBLIC Places on the name of developing a SMART CITY.

Renowned Famous Sculptor Nagji M Patel., Recectly passed away, who would have felt same if he might have seen this.”

– Himanshu Joshi (Artist)


Such a banner of Gujarat Assembly speaker Rajendra Trivedi was seen hung from the art installation of none other than Nagji Patel and well known name in the art fraternity. He recently passed away leaving behind his art for the coming generations. 

However the banner invite ire from the artists of Vadodara and they took to social media to show their protest. They accused the administration and the political parties for defacing the art in name of such hoardings and request not to install such art at public places in the name of smart city if they don’t respect it.