Prepare rangolis showing the life cycle of Bapu

Born on 2nd October 150 years ago Mahatma Gandhi continues to inspire generations with his principles. As we are celebrating his 150th birth anniversary people remembers him for his teachings influencing everyone not just in India but across the world.

Vadodara is also not far behind and remember the son of Gujarat by organising various programmes throughout the day. Sahaj Rangoli group gives tribute to Bapu by preparing rangolis on his life cycle. From childhood, schooling, became barristor, Champaran staygrah, Dandi yatra, with Charlie Chaplin, Indira Gandhi, wife Kasturba Gandhi, Manuben and Abhaben, the artists tries to show the whole life of Mahatma through their art.

“It’s our tribute to the great Mahatma Gandhi who teaches us so many things in life. Truth, non violence, Swachhta are the things we learn from his life and follow. On his 150th birth anniversary we the group of artists prepare 19 rangolis which include two floating ones to give tribute to him. We tries to cover every important incident of his life in our art work which takes six days to complete,” said Kamlesh Vyas of Sahaj Rangoli group.

The group is known for their theme base rangolis and this time they draw Gandhi and spread awareness about his teachings to the people. Apart from the artists, 32 students also displayed their work after attending the four days workshop under Kamlesh Vyas.


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