War always bring devastation and sadness with it and the aftermath is such that the lives of many were destroyed.
To spread the message of “No War” 19 artists from Sarjan Art Gallery comes up with an idea to show that what will be effects after the war and how the lives and the cities will be destroyed due to this.
Artist against war_ message of peace, the show would happen on 11th November at sarjan art gallery and the artists are busy in completing their works. The artworks started as final workshop of this semester for sarjak students. The mid aged to senior art enthusiast _ art classes run as SARJAK.  A sisterconcern of sarjan art gallery.
The workshop emerged from what world are we living in? War mongering in India for past month. What will be the aftermath of this crazed – war laden heroics. Are we ready to sacrifice our young men in war, our economy, peace, prosperity, our children ?
We had talk and discussed on world wars and human death & destruction which might happen and are we ready for something like that. The world needs peace and we are proposing the same through our works.
The artists showed how human lives suffers after the war and peace would be a better option for everyone. The students of Sarjak are making paintings, art installations on the topic of war and give messages through their work.
“I show a married lady in my painting sitting in a corner and fighting a silent war afterwards. The lady I represent is a widow, mother of the soldier who died in the war and now she is fighting a silent war as her life is destroyed,” said Nikita Bhoi.
Another artist Maulika Desai shows a imaginative work about the situation of our own Baroda if there will a war like situation. “In any type of problem we always think about our home first and hence I m showing Baroda city in my work. By using Print Transfer medium and acrylic I m showing the future of the city that how a war like situation can destroy the city and the beautiful historical monuments which is the pride of Vadodara. The war will only destroy and we can’t gain anything from it,” said Desai.
Jalpa Patel is making Installations where she is drawing and eye and install the famous Syrian war picture of a boy named Alen. She said that she also install a convex mirror for the people who can see themselves in the mirror along with the picture of Alen and forced to think that this can be the future of their kids after the war.
Nitu Shah another artist shown the pain of a baby buried half inside near a destroyed building after the bombings. She said the children are the worst sufferers in any war and she wants to convey the message that we are seeing such a future for our kids.
Tina Thakkar is using mix media where she cuts and stitched back the countries to convey the message of unity everywhere. Another artist showed the after war destruction where she displays the pain of losing our soldiers in war and in border.