Dream to be part of new united India

After the suspension of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir the whole country is celebrating the move and hope for a better future in the valley. From public celebrations to Social media the whole day was flooded with messages of United India and everyone celebrate the move in their own way.

The cultural city Vadodara is not far behind in celebrations and welcome the decision with open arms. The youngsters appreciate the move and celebrate the government decision to remove Article 370 in their own way.

The mother daughter duo Indoo Pandya and Kumkum Pandya welcome the government decision in their own artistic way and draw a portrait of United India.  With beautiful Kashmir valley at the backdrop and two traditionally dressed Kashmiri girls the artist gives message loud and clear about new and progressive India.

“In Kashmir, article 370 and 35A were removed and now today Kashmir is free. This is our new India and the decision will take the valley to new heights and we once again roam inside the beautiful environment. This is the beginning of new India and we are heading towards the PM Modi vision of United India,” said Kumkum Pandya.


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