Will offer 108 Bilva Patras specially designed by him with pictures and mantras of Lord Shiva

Kishan Shah, an artist from Vadodara, has decided to celebrate the auspicious day of Mahashivratri in a slightly different way. This time on Shivratri he will offer 108 Bilva Patra specially designed by him with pictures and mantras of Lord Shiva.

The artist says that he learned painting by himself and have so much faith in God. He have read in many Puranas that Lord Shiva is very fond of bilva patra. Devotees who offer three, five, seven or twelve leaf bilva patras to Lord Shiva consider themselves lucky. With that truth in mind, he is going to offer 108 bilva patras to the god on this Mahashivaratri. After offering he will be organising an exhibition for the people of the same bilva patras.

Kishan says it takes an average of 45 minutes to draw a mantra, Shivling or other Shivakruti on a three-leaf bilva. This task requires concentration and he draw picture with acrylic paint on the bilva patra.

He said, the task of drawing a picture on a bilva is difficult. First to pluck them by checking if it is torn or perforated as such bilvas is not offered to Lord Shiva. The tree has sharp thorns so care must be taken when picking leaves. Care should be taken not to turn over the selected leaves and put them under a heavy object. Then on next day the picture can be drawn on the bilva patras. He drew pictures on the peepal leaves but hardly anyone would have done the work of drawing pictures of lord Shiva on the bilva patras.


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