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Artist couple studied Fine Arts in Vadodara chose to live in the lap of nature

Artist couple studied Fine Arts in Vadodara chose to live in the lap of nature

Create art and do farming for livelihood

If the test is positive then it is believed that Corona enter inside the body. At the same time negativity of helplessness enters the life of the patient and their relatives. So let's put the corona discussion aside and bring some positivity with talk about nature and art creation.

This tale is about a couple Kanan- Chandrasekhar Koteshwar, who have taken up art training at the prestigious Fine Arts Faculty in Vadodara and have chosen to leave the urban hustle and bustle and live in a farm on the banks of the Narmada in Chanod.

In the natural space here, they carves the rainbow of imagination into art and also manages the family's banana and papaya farms. By combining art with agriculture, they are decorating their marriage and life.

Kanan says that they have not lived in fear of the corona but in the openness of nature by self-choice. This is their origin and those who have left their home village farms know that they have become person without roots.

At present, they are creating art and taking care of the cultivation of green berry variety, sweet papaya and banana. However they have to sold this extremely sweet papaya at very less price as it is far from the city market. Along with that they are growing vegetables of daily need and moves towards self reliance.

Kanan says the first art exhibition was a very delicate embroidery on the green dry leaves of a plant that might be called leaf embroidery, which received an encouraging response. Chandrasekhar is a sculptor who works in a variety of art mediums with Clay Art and exhibits it in art exhibitions. Currently, although these events have come to a halt due to Corona, online exhibitions are held but they do not have the same color as watching them live.

A spectacular cactus park has been built near Sardar Sarovar Dam in Kevadia as part of the attractions associated with the Statue of Unity. There, the couple has created a beautiful tiles mural highlighting the beauty of the cactus. This is an artistic creation where the colorful large tiles are broken and the cactus grows into its colorful pieces. They also made wooden artefacts for the Conflictorium Museum in Ahmedabad.

Near their farm are the Narmada ravines where there are abundant trees and shrubs. The couple are devastated when reckless people cut it off. Their appeal is to save as many trees as possible and to plant them at a time when everyone is currently experiencing the crisis of oxygen.

Originally a farmer's daughter Kannan has been fascinated with trees, rivers, shrubs and farms, in short lives with nature. Algari Chandrasekhar realizes the art that appears in nature through creation. Today, even though the city is in turmoil, people are flocking to the city, while the couple's departure to the depths of nature suggests a new direction. This is not an escape from the fear of Corona, but a return to roots and love of nature.

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