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Art can reach to the heart of everyone - Dr. Sharad Pandya

Art can reach to the heart of everyone - Dr. Sharad Pandya

Dr Guru Sharad Pandya had been invited to 9th International research conference where he did a paper presentation and it was very well received and critical appriciated. This had taken place at the open university in Serbia.

He had been invited to train ballet dancers of modern dance company and ballet studio. He imparted training of Indian classical dance to the artists of Serbia who got a first hand understanding and knowledge of the naunces of Indian dance and culture.

He was also invited to perform for the finale of the international festival. He performed classical dance duet Performance which was highly appreciated by the audience and they requested for another presentation.

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Shweta Patel,a senior disciple of Guru Sharad Pandya, assisted him in Serbia.

During all of these presentations and stay, Dr. Pandya had personal interactions with people from various countries who were attendees and participants. He explain about India, Indian culture and performing arts to many as part of cultural exchange.

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