Vadodara police arrested one more accused in the 2.25 crores loot registered at Bapod police station in Vadodara. Police arrested Umang Kahar brother of Vikki Kahar and recovered 32.12 lakhs from him. Vikki Kahar was earlier arrested by the crime branch after he surrenders before the court.

A Bharuch resident was robbed of 2.25 crore in Vadodara by Vikki Kahar, Kiran Chauhan and others. The matter was registered in Bapod police station and later transferred to the crime branch.

After Vikki Kahar police arrested his brother Umang Kahar in the matter and recovered 32.12 lakhs from him. The currency is in denomination of running 10, 100 notes.

Earlier Vikki Kahar accused in the Bharuch 2.15 crore robbery case present himself before the court. The businessman from Bharuch was robbed of 2.15 crore on the point of revolver and knife and the accused pretending to be crime branch team.