Armed robbers striked inside two houses in Ishwarpura village in Waghodia

National Safety Day 2021

Armed robbers striked inside two houses in Ishwarpura village in Waghodia and looted around 1 lakh worth items from inside. They beat the family with sticks and also threw stones on the villagers came to the rescue of the families. 15 villagers were injured in the attack and five of them were admitted to the hospital received serious injuries.

As per details the armed robbers entered inside the house of provision store owner Natu Vasava and another Santosh Vasava around midnight inside Ishwarpura village  and attacked the family with sticks and other weapons.

They shouted on the families to give money or else kill them in Hindi accent. They snatched the jewellery they wear and took the money kept inside the almirah and terrorise the people. They snatched chain and rings from the sons of Natubhai who slept in the adjacent room with his wife and saved from the attack. The attackers took 3500 cash and jewellery from the house.

The other victim Ratilal Vasava working as conductor in ST department at Bodeli was away on work with his wife Santosh, son Jitendra and daughter in law Reshma inside the house. The attackers snatched the ear rings from both the women resulting in injuries to their ears. They also attacked Jitendra and robbed him.

The villagers are away attending a religious programme in the village and rushed to the spot after heard the news. However before they understand anything the robbers attacked them with stones and fled from the spot. Around 12 persons got injured in the attack and one Bhailal Vasava received grevious injury on his eye. He was rushed to the hospital along with the other injured.

Waghodia police also reached the spot after the incident and registered the case. On Monday morning local crime branch and top police officials also reached the spot and further investigation in the matter to nab the attackers.


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