Armed robbers loot 50,000 from Neotech Technical Campus


About six to seven armed robbers entered the premises of Neotech Technical Campus at Virod village near Vadodara and loot 50,000 rupees from the locker kept inside the admin office of the institute.

The armed robbers tied the watchmen and security guards, broke CCTV cameras, cupboards, furniture, glass door and other things before flee with the money. Vadodara Taluka police is further investigating after accessing the CCTV footage and also the forensic department collected blood samples and finger prints from the spot.

On 1.30 am early on Thursday the armed robbers with sticks, knives and other things entered the premises of the college situated near Virod village. According to the eyewitness the robbers entered and first overpowered the watchmen and security guards and beat them. They then asked them to kept silent and locked them in different rooms before searched for the money inside the admin building.

“The armed men were seven to eight persons as seen in the CCTV footage inside the admin building. They broke the furniture, CCTV cameras, cupboards, almirahs, glass door and many thing in search of money. They manged to broke one locker and get 50,000 rupees from there. Other then this they just broke everything but couldn’t find anything and flee after damaging the files, computers and other things. Before that they beat about eight security guards and locked them in Canteen and Physiotherapy rooms. Other then the 50,000 the total loss is estimated around one and half lakhs,” said Dr. D.M. Patel Principal Neotech Technical Campus.

The security guards were overpowered by the robbers as four of the watchmen are about 50years of age and one who tried to fight got injured after the robbers attacked him. “The armed robbers entered from the back side of the campus and started beating us. When I tried to resist they hit me with some weapon on my neck and told me to keep silent or they will shoot me. They locked us in the room and after they left we managed to flee and called the police,” said

The robbers in search of more cash also tried to broke the strong room of the bank inside the college and also the ATM but failed. “The bank CCTV footage showed the about seven to eight armed robbers with face covered entered the bank and first they broke all the CCTV cameras installed inside and outside the bank. They then tried to broke the strong room but failed and enraged with that broke the computers and others equipments inside the bank. They also tried to broke the ATM but failed to retrieve any cash from it. We received the message around 4amand informed the police,” said Krunal Thakkar Bank manager.

The Vadodara Taluka police reached the spot along with the forensic team and collected blood samples and finger prints from the spot. The team also took custody of the CCTV footage to get any details about the accused. “About 6 to 7 armed people entered inside in the night and looted 50,000 from the school office. They also tied eight people five watchmen and three security jawan before loot the money and flee from there. We get the CCTV footage and other vital clues and began our investigation,”said K.S. Jhala PSI Taluka police station.

The Neotech Technical Campus started in 2013 and has four discipline Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Computer engineering. There is three courses offered  of degree, diploma and Physiotherapy where 2000 students are studying. The college is affiliated to GTU and Sri Govind Guru University Godhra and run by Neo Education Foundation. This is the first incident of robbery happened inside the campus.




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