Arjun Kapoor trained hard for his upcoming film Half Girlfriend and to show his character real in the movie the actor take three months Basketball training from the NBA. Arjun plays the charcter of a Bihari boy who is a wonderful Basketball player.

NBA professionals came to India for five months and out of it they give training to Arjun Kapoor for three months and the rest two they present there for the Basketball scenes in the film.
arjunMohit Suri said that Arjun is very hard working and he knew from the first day of training that he plays the character of a very good Basketball player and for that they need training.

Suri said that they called the NBA to make the Basketball scenes more realistic. He also added that he is surprised to see the efforts Arjun put in for training and give his time to learn the game.

Arjun said that Mohit called the NBA team to India just to give him the training. He said the the three months was majestic as he learned the game with a purpose for shooting but now he became a good player of the Basketball.

Arjun said that his character name is Madhav who is a native of Bihar and is a good player of Basketball and that is why the whole training is organised. He now feel that the training now gives an edge to his character in the film.