Archana Joshi perform her duties with eight months pregnancy at Gotri hospital


A shining example of devotion towards the profession

World Nursing Day is celebrated on May 12 to promote the services of the nursing community considered as the Goddess of Mercy. The profession is of compassion and affection as one has to be in close contact with the sick and injured putting your own safety sometimes at stake.

One such shining example is Archana Joshi whose devotion to the profession of nursing is a source of inspiration to others. She is eight months and preforming her duties as a nurse at Gotri hospital. It is worth to be mentioned that the hospital is turned into a dedicated Corona hospital for the positive patients. Working for the last four years she said this is a job we have voluntarily accepted and we have to perform our duties no matter how difficult the circumstances.

She said the duties inside the Corona ward is currently considered dangerous and difficult but the nurses are performing it with dedication away from their children and family. They have to work here for seven days and stay in hostels instead of going home to prevent the spread of infection. After that they have to follow the seven days quarantine period and hence they have to maintain the 14-days separation from their children and families to care for the patients. Male nurses are also perform their duties with same devotion.

She says if they understand the condition of the patient then they expect their families to behave well and appreciate which gives them the much needed enthusiasm.

It is also a coincidence that the year 2020 has been dedicated by the World Health Organization to the nursing profession and as nature tests its integrity, this year the world is facing a health crisis in the form of Corona epidemic. The nursing community is also fearlessly serving the Corona patients and writes stories of compassion and empathy everyday.

Understanding the same Archana Joshi is currently performing her hospital duties even in the eighth month of her pregnancy at a time when anyone is scared to go to the hospital.

As a precautionary measure, pregnant women are excluded from the duties of the Corona ward. Presently she is working at the operation theatre and involved in the preparation of bandages and the work of autoclaving equipment.

Even if you don’t work in the Corona ward there is always a threat of getting infection from people who are currently visiting the hospital. And as I have to protect the baby so I take great care of both and keep a sanitizer with me to use it step by step.
Archana said, At present it is not advisable to use the lift as a precaution to stay infection free. But I cannot even climb the stairs in this condition so i keep a tissue paper with her to grab the handle of the elevator with my hand. After comes out of the lift I immediately wash my hands, clean my hands as my house is in the hospital premises, take care of everything I need to get home from work, sanitize, take a bath. This is the time of crisis, so I do my duty with precaution and protect myself.


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