Around 50 students claimed they fill online form to get admission in MSU Fine Arts

Around 50 students coming from various states to seek admission in the prestigious MSU Fine Arts Faculty had to return empty handed as their name showed in the private design institute. The students claimed that they fill the form online and mentioned the correct course but due to some technical fault from the university side they were forced to return.

As per the details around 50 students reached the faculty of Fine Arts for appearing in the admission process but to their shocker their names were not there in the list. Instead they get their names registered in the private design institute run by MSU. The students claimed that the technical fault from the university side make them suffer.

“I fill the form online after visit the official site of the university and chose Visual Arts as my subject in the Bachelor course. However after came here I was shocked to see my name flash in the private design institute run by the MSU. I never chose the subject and hence approached the officials about it but they put blame on us. There are around 50 such students having the same problem but now we all have to return with heavy hearts,” said Shantanu Banerjee applicant from MP.

Like him applicants from other cities also face the same problem and have the same reason. They put allegations on the University for some Technical Fault resulting in such a blunder. However the university officials said the students made the mistake while submitting the form online.

Whatever be the reason but the outside students left with not so good memories about the university as many claimed they were cheated by the officials.