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Appeal for tension free board exams

Appeal for tension free board exams

Board exams are going to start from 15th March and the administration is busy in giving the last minute touches to the preparations.

The students as well as their parents are also tensed before the exams as usual. However a group in Vadodara appeal the students to enter the hall without any tension or pressure in their minds.

Oasis group an NGO group in Vadodara is working with the teachers and students for the last many years for their character building. This year the group targeting the board students and appeal them not to take any pressure of exams. They also request them specially the parents not to pressurise their children which make them to take wrong steps.

"We start the Oasis movement 25 years and ago and running camps and workshops for teachers and children for character building in them. After so many years we feel that the board students are the one who need such training before their exams. We often see the parents put pressure on their children before the board exams which make them depressed and invite them to take wrong steps," said Hiral Patel trustee of Oasis.

The Oasis group this year targeted the board students of Gujarat and spreaded the message among them not to get depressed before the exams. "We are into character building of parents and students and taking it forward this year we appeal the students not to take any pressure during the exams. We request them and their parents to consider the board exams as like the others and don't get carried away by the pressure. We teach them that this is not the last chance and there are many opportunities waiting for them ahead," said Viral Patel volunteer of Oasis group.

With its expansion plan the group now starts their workshop in Jammu and Kashmir. They organise workshops for the headmasters and principals there who then teach their teachers.

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