Antisocial elements attacked two police jawans near Panigate in Vadodara


Police investigate to trace the attackers

Vadodara police is strictly implementing the lockdown rules and request people to stay at home and not move out unnecessarily. However some people are not following the orders and many times went into argument with the law enforcers.

In one such incident some people are accused of beating two police jawans near Panigate Bhadrakacheri. As per details a Walia SRP group 10 police jawan Devendrabhai Rathod and Kishorbhai Patel are on duty during the lockdown and resides inside a tent at Bhadrakacheri. Last night both are heading for collecting tiffin for them and staff when suddenly they stopped near the dargah as the top police officials passed from the area. As soon as they pass some antisocial elements attacked both and started beating them. Kishor Patel managed to flee but the people continue beating Kishor Rathod. Meanwhile other police jawan reached the hospital and shifted Rathod to SSG hospital. Panigate police also reached the spot and starts investigating to trace the antisocial elements involved in the att


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