On (17.02.2021), the General Manager of Western Railway, Alok Kansal conducted annual inspection of Geratpur-Vadodara and Dabhoi-Pratapnagar section of Vadodara division. During the inspection, the general manager inspected the passenger facilities of Nadiad, Anand and Vadodara railway stations of this section.

During this time he also inspected various other works related to staff facilities, safety / security, infrastructure and development. Apart from this, the inauguration of the staff facilities by the General Manager was also done. Amit Gupta, Divisional Railway Manager of Vadodara division and senior railway officials were also present during the tour.

During this period, Kansal also inspected bridges, level crossing gates, railway colony, curves, gangs, and tracks in this section. Speed ​​trialing was also done on Dabhoi Pratapnagar section. He also saw and appreciated the exhibitions by various branches of Mandal at Anand station.

In the meantime, the General Manager done e launching of prepaid metering, gang tools and rest rooms, Nadiad, EI Building, Vadodara Yard, Staff Quarters, E-inauguration of staff facilities like upgradation of Medical Stores of Etola and Pratapnagar Railway Hospital.

The General Manager discussed with social organizations and local representatives of Nadiad and Vadodara stations and directed them to take appropriate action as per their demands.


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