Vadodara police arrested Anil alias Anthony Mulchand Gangwani for the murder of notorious gangster Mukesh Harjani on 20th October.

Anthony hired two sharp shooters from Ratlam to fire on Harjani and Kalpesh Kachiya given them 5 lakhs for the Supari. The murder was the fallout after Harjani demanded money from the accused and they showed inability to pay. Police named other main accused as Viju Sidhi his associate and Sanjay RX along with Kachiya and others. Anthony was the one who hit him on the head and it was fatal for Harjani.

On 20th October 2016 notorious gangster Mukesh Harjani who was out on bail went to a party at Vrindavan Township at Harni Road. Around 11 pm the hired sharp shooters fired on him from close range and killed him. The shooters then ran away in a car and two wheeler towards Godhra and the shooters was paid 5 lakhs as (Supari) by Kalpesh Kachiya and Sanjay RX. The murder was fallout of money demanded by Harjani from the accused. Police registered the case under 302, 120B, 114 Arms act 25(1-1)B, 27 in the matter.


“Anil alias Anthony was arrested for the murder of Mukesh Harjani and he along with two sharp shooters fired on him from close range after he came out from a party at the house of Pappu Sharma. The murder was a fall out of demand of money from other accused Viju Sindhi, Kalpesh Kachiya and Sanjay RX and and the element of fear for not pay the amount Harjani demanded from them. During investigation it was also revealed that Harjani and the other accused relations were also getting sored and the accused are planning to murder him,” said Manoj Shashidhar Police Commissioner Vadodara.

The accused made plan to finish Harjani and for that they did the reiki of different places in Vadodara. As Mukesh Harjani was dangerous gangster so the accused made plan to finish him after won his confidence and befriend with him. “The accused planned his murder and assigned Anthony to hire sharp shooters for the same. Anthony then hired two shooters Salim and Akbar from Ratlam and they both reached Vadodara via Halol Godhra area. After reaching Vadodara Anthony and the two shooters along with Kalpesh Kachiya done reiki of different places and finally decided to murder him after invited Harjani for a party,” said Shashidhar.

A party was organised at Vrindavan Township where Viju Sindhi was also present and from there the tip was given to the shooters waiting outside. “As Harjani was inside in the party the shooters arrived in a car and two wheelers at the spot and took positions. After the Party was over Viju Sindhi gave the tip to the shooters waiting outside and as soon as Harjani came out the shooters Anthony, Salim and Akbar fired on him and ran away from the spot in the vehicles they brought along with them. Kalpesh Kachiya and Sanjay RX then give 5 lakhs Supari money to the shooters and drop them all the way to Godhra,” said Shashidhar. It was said that the Supari was fixed for 20 lakhs and 5 lakhs was paid to the shooters.


The Police said that total three vehicles one car and 2 two wheelers were used in the murder and the shooters used three weapons out of four in the shootout. “We are investigating everything in the case like the vehicles used by the shooters and the three weapons out of four in the murder of Harjani. There was also a point about the car in which Harjani came for the party was parked outside in some distance from the apartment which is also the matter of investigation. We are not taking any chances and whoever is involved in the crime will not be spared,” said Shashidhar.

Anthony was arrested from Javra village in Madhya Pradesh and was brought back to Vadodara by the police team. Anthony was also wanted in a crime of robbery at new VIP road where 22 lakhs was looted from a employee of Righter Safe Guard. Anthony was first arrested for the matter and on Friday the police arrested him for the murder of Mukesh Harjani. The other accused are under investigation and police is not revealing any more details citing it may hamper their investigation.