Matter reached police station and further investigation is on in the matter

An angry landlord brutally beat and seriously injured a German Shepherd breed dog at Karelibaug area of Vadodara city on Tuesday. The attacker also hit the owner of the dog after it pooped in front of the house. The whole matter reached the police station and further investigation is on in the matter.

In front of a house in Jalaramanagar-1 at Karelibaug in the city, a German Shepherd breed dog went to a natural haze and inflicted serious injuries on the head of an angry landlord’s dog with an iron rod. Along with this, the case of the landlord injuring the dog owner with a rod in his hand reached the police station.

As per available details Rajesh’s brother took his German Shepherd pet dog to Karelibaug Jalaram Nagar 1 early in the morning to go for a walk and nature’s call. But instead of the dog making the call at the right place, it pooped at the door of Brijpalsinh Thakur, who lives in Jalaram Nagar. It irked him and in a fit of rage he took an iron rod from the house and slammed it into the dog’s head. The dog bled and fell down at the place.

Brijpal also hit the young man who came with a dog. The two also had a heated argument over the matter. Meanwhile, Rajesh’s brother took the injured dog for treatment.

Rajesh , on the other hand, reported the matter to the GSPCA and Ramesh Yaees rushed to the place and took Rajesh, the owner of the dog, to the Harni police station and lodged a complaint against Brijpalsih, who attacked and injured the dog. Police have launched an investigation based on the complaint. The incident, which took place in Jalaram Nagar, had shocked everyone in the area.

According to the information a quarrel has been going on for some time between the owner of the dog and Brijpalsinh, who attacked the dog and caused serious injuries. Preliminary investigations have revealed that Brijpal Singh attacked the dog and the young man who took it out this morning.


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