BJP National President Amit Shah appears in court as defence witness for former BJP minister Maya Kodnani in 2002 Naroda Gam case. Amit Shah in the special court gives his statement and said that Maya Kodnani was present in assembly on 28th February 2002.

Amit Shah said that on 28th February he left for Assembly at 7 am from his home as the session was at 8.30 am. He went there with his driver. A proposal was there to pay tribute to the people died in Godhra and then after sometime the house was adjourned.

Shah further said that he can’t recognize the signature of Mayaben but she was present inside the assembly. His phone was continuously ringing as calls were coming from Sola Civil and as the place is his voting area he went there straight from the assembly. He reached there at around between 9.30 to 9.45 and saw dead bodies came. The families are also there and it was chaos like environment. He said he went to the post-mortem place but authorities stopped him. He then met the family members of the dead along with members of the party.

Amit Shah said that many people were there including Natubhai Vaghela from Naranpura ward. Mayaben met him at the civil but he was about to leave and there incident happened where the slogans were shouted there. People are shouting slogans and he was there fpr sometime before the police cordon him and take him outside.

His vehicle was little far away and after him Mayaben also felt the same agitation from the people and police then cordon her also outside. After that the police took both of them in their vehicle and the time was around 11.15.

At the time of his statement Maya Kodnani, Babu Bajrangi and other accused were also present there inside the court. The public prosecutor Suresh Shah, Gaurang Vyas along with Maya Kodnani lawyer Amit Patel, SIT lawyer V.K. Malhotra are present there. Strict police bandobast was there inside the court area.