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Amazing textile crafts of Gujarat that you must know

Amazing textile crafts of Gujarat that you must know

Gujarat is a state which is known for its rich collection of crafts and textiles created all over the state. Kutch is a region which might seem empty but is filled with the maximum amount of cultural heritage. With the diversity we find in that state it is not surprising that they have an enormous number of textile crafts all over. Here, we will discuss about some of the major ones:

  • Bandhni: This is a style of textile where the cloth is tied and then died with colours to create a wonderful pattern. With the difference in region the type of fabric used also differs. Now starting from just dupattas to sarees to salwarkameez, now almost everything is available in this design with vibrant colours.

  • Crotchet: Jamnagar from Gujarat is known for its work of crotchet lace. Its intricate work is created by the Vohra Community where the women did the work. They are making the items for using them in their day to day household chores and they primarily use the colours brown, black and white.

  • Zari: Zari comes from the region called Surat which is the oldest place to create such work. They are known to produce both silver and the gold zari work. The zari produced here is used for borders on sarees, bags and even shoes.

  • Applique: This work of art or Patchwork comes from a place called Saurashtra. Fabric of different colour and shapes are cut into pieces and then sewed to create a background giving the mosaic effect. They are also used in wall hangings, borders, sarees and bags.

  • Mashru: This fabric is made from a mixture of cotton and silk while it has two separate surfaces. One is the silk surface while the other one or the inner side is made with cotton. Muslims are known to use this fabric since they cannot wear pure silk. The bold colours and patterns are what increase its uniqueness.

  • Gujarati Sarees: There are many different types of Sarees that are produced in Gujarat:

  1. Gharchola: This saree is made with a mixture of Zari work and silk threads. In some sareesBandhni work is also done.
  2. PatolaSarees: They come from Patan and are hand woven with different patterns from the everyday lives.
  3. TanchoiSarees: These sarees are made in Surat and they consist of motifs of different flowers and birds.

This is just a small overview of the wide array of textiles found in Gujarat. They have so much to offer and until someone visits the place it is impossible to experience the colours and textures!

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