Khiladi Akshay kumar becomes action guru of Tapsi Pannu for her upcoming film ‘Naam Shabana.’ Tapsi need intense training for the film and Akshay Kumar helped her to perform dangerous stunts during the shoot.
Akshay kumar is called the Khiladi kumar of Bollywood and he help Tapsi Pannu and taught her the tricks to complete the action perfectly. The guidance by Akshay kumar motivated her to perfectly give the stunts in her movie.
1232The trailer of the film ‘Naam Shabana’ is liked by the audience and now they are eagerly waiting for the film. The film is the extension of the 20 minute role of Tapsi Pannu in her earlier film ‘Baby’ which is liked by the audience.

‘Naam Shabana’ is the first spin off film of Bollywood which is the extension of her earlier film ‘Baby’. Tapsi Pannu is a undercover agent in the film and will be seen in action avataar. She take the training of Marshal Arts, Target shooting and others to make her action sequences in the film more daredevil and realistic. The performance of other cast of the film is also appreciated by the people and Tapsi Pannu will be seen with Manoj Bajpai and other cast of Baby in the film.

The film will release on 31st March 2017 in cinemas.