Air India has started ‘Namaskar Sewa’ for airline passengers at Delhi airport.

‘Namaskar Sewa’ is a meet and greets service wherein Air India staff will take care of passengers from the airport entry gate to till being passengers board in the aircraft. But, the carrier will charge passengers for this service.

“Air India has started ‘Namaskar Sewa’ recently for the airline’s passengers, wherein Air India staff will take care of passengers from Delhi airport entry gate to inside the aircraft, where staff will help passengers to fill the form, issuing a boarding pass and necessary help required to the passengers. For this service, we have fixed nominal charges, for domestic passengers it will be Rs 750 and for international passengers, it will Rs 1,500,” Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar stated.

During April-June this year, Air India had recorded over 80 lakhs domestic passengers and more than 35 lakhs international passengers travelled from the national carrier.

Recently, Air India has called a meeting on how to reach to the passengers and sort it out their complaint regarding services.

“Air India has already Namaskar Sewa kind of services but for only first-class passengers, not for Business and Economy class,” Air India official said.

‘Namaskar Sewa’ service is a pilot project service which will be available at Delhi airport only.

“We are getting a good response from the passengers regarding Namaskar Sewa services, management is ready to launch in Mumbai airport soon, other airports like Calcutta, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad are in pipeline,” officials said.


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