An Air India flight flying from Mumbai to Newark, carrying around 300 passengers, was today diverted to Kazakhstan due to some technical issues.

The flight took off from Mumbai airport around 2.25 am. It landed in Kazakhstan around 8 am.

As per the sources, “at times, perishable commodity in the cargo hold lead to such a situation when the alarm goes of.”


An airline spokesperson said the flight was diverted due to technical reasons. There was some alarm that went off and the engineers are inspecting the flight, he added.

In a tweet, the airline said the flight has been diverted on account of operational reasons and that all passengers are being taken care of.

The airline spokesperson also informed that the next course of action will be decided only once it becomes clear if the Boeing 777 aircraft can proceed for its onward journey to New Jersey.

A replacement aircraft along with a team of engineers is on standby at Delhi airport.