Ahmadabad International Children Film Festival – 2020


Ahmadabad International Children Film Festival is the platform where Children across the world can show their talent as a film maker and enjoy watching meaningful children cinema. The festival is back with its second edition of 2020 but, this year due to current pandemic situation the festival will be hosted online. We will be screening movies online on our official You tube channel/Face book page. The festival will be held on 18th and 19th December 2020, with screening of selected films online.

This year we have received Tremendous response from the Filmmakers across the world. We have received 132 Films from 25 countries. Out of which 63 films got selected to compete for the final awards. We have various categories, Feature film, Student Film, Short Film and Documentary film.

Festival Director Manish Saini the Indian National award winner for the best film ‘Dhh’, he says “this year we have received tremendous response and lots of films are beyond our imagination. Children Cinema still has to grow in India and we are still behind compare to the world but for children cinema there is so much growth we are expecting in coming time.” Aarti Patel one of the jury said “though making children cinema is more difficult than a making film for mature audience as you need to work more with the emotions of the children and again to make the children film you have to again go back to your childhood. This is amazing experience as jury and we are even learning from it. We must encourage children cinema.”

The online festival will happen on 18th and 19th December 2020 on our official YouTube and facebook page.


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