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Agriculture workshop of Subhash Palekar in Sokhda

Agriculture workshop of Subhash Palekar in Sokhda

With an aim to promote cow based agriculture where the farmers can switch to zero budget spiritual farming and get maximum crops, a workshop is organise later in the month of May where the farmers from Gujarat is expected to take part.

The workshop is going to happen at Haridham Sokhda where famous agriculturist Subhash Palekar will guide the farmers towards caw based farming and yield maximum profits.

To improve the quality of the field and use natural elements in agriculture to get maximum crops and profits the farmers are need to switch to cow based agriculture which is zero budget and also yield maximum profit to them. The workshop will put focus on the natural agriculture and about 5000 to 6000 farmers from all across Gujarat is expecting to attend the workshop.

Subhash Palekar who will address the farmers in the six day workshop will focus on natural agriculture, zero budget agriculture, process to make Jivamrut, how to use it, cow dung usefulness, cow based agriculture and other things related to agriculture. The aim is to show the farmers harmful effects of the chemical based agriculture and turn them to cow based zero budget spiritual agriculture which increase their profit and also decrease the ratio of suicide in them.

The workshop starting from 27th May and continue till 1st June at Haridham Sokhda.

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