Various international standard runners gives an extra edge to the Vadodara Marathon organise on Sunday. The runners not only give tips to the other runners but inspired others towards fitness.

Mala Honnatti is one such dynamic lady and very senior runner took part in the 55plus age category in Vadodara Marathon. She is considered as ageless runner and at the age of 64 inspire others to keep fit for a healthy tomorrow.

The former bank professional is a evid runner and took part in 19 full and 30 half Marathons all across the globe. The globetottering runner has run in countries like Japan, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia with several podium finishes. She is Asian Bronze medalist in 10000mts, brown belt in Karate, veteran mountaineer with 24 expeditions since 1986, Everest Base Camp Marathon and bitterly cold Antarctica Ice Marathon shows her mettle.

She is currently based at Gurgaon and actively participated in Marathons organise all across the globe. She won first place at Standard Chartered Marathon in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 in senior veteran category.

She took part in the 55plus category in Vadodara International Marathon and also give tips to the fellow runners about how to run without risking injuries. She really is a source of inspiration for the physical fitness freaks and also to others who don’t care about their health.


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