After 70 years of independence, there is BJP at every center of power in Delhi. On Saturday evening after Vice President elections BJP captured the remaining seat. On Saturday morning Prime Minister Narendra Modi first came to vote for the Vice President.

Incidentally, the BJP became the biggest party for the first time in the Rajya Sabha. And then the news came that a leader from BJP became Vice President for a second time. In the leadership of BJP, the government has already been formed, but this is for the first time that BJP get hold of every position.

Prime Minister is from BJP after the party won by clear majority and formed the government. The Lok Sabha Speaker is from BJP. For the first time, the President also became a person from BJP and following it now the Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu is also from the party and with this all the important positions and shining faces are from the BJP. If every road of power politics goes to BJP today, then the credit of this change goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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