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After 75 yeard ‘Dashar Maha Kumbh' organised in Kashmir

After 75 yeard ‘Dashar Maha Kumbh organised in Kashmir

In the month of Ramzan ‘Dashar Maha Kumbh’ was organised in Kashmir after 75 years.

'Dashar Maha Kumbh' was organised on the confluence of rivers Sindhu and Vitasta in Ganderbal district of central kashmir on tuesday 14th june 2016.


Many Kashimiri Pandits and local muslims of kashmir celebrated this kumbh mela. As per the sources sangam is sacred for the Pandit community for immersion of the ashes of their dead.

This fair is organised when the government has announced to bring pandits of kashmir back to the kashmir. However, this topic has become the subject of debate. Some people belive that seperate area should be allocated for the kashmiri Pandits, while others believe that why this discrimination? Kashmiri Pandits should be back at the place where they used to live before.


As per the sources last time such an alignment of celestial bodies happened in 1941 and today after 75 years and 10 days again the same celestial alignment was in place.

On this day ,the devotees take a bath at the holy Sangam to wash their sins and then proceed to the little island at the confluence where a Chinar tree has been growing since long, this tree is considered mystical and sacred by Kashmiri Pandits and it is believed that even if the river is flooding, the tree never sinks, as per the local sources.

The government had made elaborate arrangements for 'Dashar Maha Kumbh'.

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