Afghanistan is more beautiful then what shown to the world- Mursal Kakar


“Afganistan is more beautiful then what shown to the world. Now the scenario is very different there and it’s our duty to show the real picture of our country to everyone,” said Mursal Kakar CEO Afghanistan Education Council during her visit to Navrachana University for a regional conference. She said the country is torn due to the security reasons but now youngsters like her can come forward to show the real essence of the country to the outside world.

Mursal said she is proud to be a Afghani and it’s her duty to do something for her country. She said earlier the country was torn apart by terrorism but now the scenario improves in there and people are coming out to show the real picture of Afghanistan.

She said education plays a important role in the changing scenario of Afghanistan as now the girls enter schooling at 5 and boys at 7yrs. As far as women empowerment is concerned girls are actively involved in education and working sectors there.

As a global Goodwill Ambassador and CEO of Afghanistan Education Council it’s her duty to show what is good in the country. In terms of education they are finding sponsors and signing MOU’s for scholarships for students. The aim is develop youth empowering them and gives them a platform.

Talking about moving to India she said the main reason was her mother who is suffering from cancer. She moves here for treatment and to avoid coming again and again here for treatment she finally decide to live as a refugee here.

She said working in Afghan for Afghan is something easy in compare to working for Afghan in some other country. As far as India is concerned she feels safe here just like her home. The present Indian government is more helpful for the development process in Afghanistan. She said now the Afghan youth are coming out showing their talent to the world in education, sports and culture. In next five years they are hopeful to change the picture of Afghanistan for good.


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