Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspire many people and one such person a Advocate clerk is coming all the way from Begusarai Bihar to attend his public meeting in Vadodara. The 31 year old came all the way dressed in a unique attire to support the PM and spread his message among the gathering.

Shravan Saha caught attention of all because of his dressing wearing a replica of lotus and hanging up a poster showing the picture of PM Narendra Modi.  He attend the meetings of PM Modi as far as possible and visit many states.

“This is my 31st visit to the public meeting of PM Narendra Modi and I want to spread the message among the youth to support him. His development mantra is what I impressed with and that is why I decide to attend his sabhas. Earlier people called me crazy but I don’t care about them and want to convey the message of our PM to everyone,” said Saha.

Saha went to Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand,Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, U.P. and now comes to Gujarat. He wish to meet his idol one day.


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