Aditi Namdar playing the character of Poorna Malavat in the film ‘Poorna’ learned rock climbing to give it a realistic look. She learned the art of rock climbing from none other then the girl herself Poorna Malavat.

Aditi is only 13 years of age and plays the character of a girl who became the youngest one the climb the Himalayas and make world record. On 25th May 2014 Poorna Malavat make the record and Aditi is playing her character in the film based on her life.

Aditi put lots of efforts in the film to play her character in the movie based on the real life of the Poorna Malavat. Aditi took intense training of rock climbing in the film to give her character look more realistic.

She took the training sessions in bad weather in temperatures hovering around 15 degrees. The film crew was amazed to see the dedication of the girl and she continued her training inspite of the bad weathers. She will amaze the audience with her performance in the film.

The film is already creating waves in the bollywood circuit and lauded by many for its realistic approach. The film is directed by Rahul Bose and produced by Rahul Bose Productions and Ray Media Private Limited. The film will release on 31st March 2017.


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