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Additional vacancies for junior division/ junior wing cadets

Additional vacancies for junior division/ junior wing cadets

Govt of India has allotted 3721 additional vacancies for Gujarat Directorate under Fully Self Finance Scheme for Junior Division / Junior Wing Cadets. These would benefit all the Private Schools who have been waiting to get NCC due to limited number of vacancies.

These vacancies would be allotted to various units to be further allotted to interested Schools. These cadets would be imparted structured Military training and can also attend camps, various adventurous activities and the most prestigious Republic Day Camp at New Delhi. The Cadets after completing their NCC training in Schools would be eligible for ‘A’ and ‘B’ Certificate which would also assist Cadets in joining Armed Forces.

Major General Arvind Kapoor, Additional Director General, NCC Directorate, Gujarat brought out that this is a paradigm decision for private Schools. All Schools who are interested to take these vacancies should contact the nearest NCC unit.

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