We have good news for the farmers of the India. The rate of fertilizers came down with immediate effect, Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers informed the media on 4th July 2016.

Due to progressive policies of Narendra Modi’s government, fertilizers like Urea, DRP, MOP, NPK etc are available in enough quantity in the country. All efforts have been made to ensure that there will not be any shortage of fertilizers in our country for the Kharif season.Modi’s government is all geared up to ensure unhindered and assured supply of all the fertilizers, Minister of Chemicals and fertilizers said.

Major public sector Fertilizer manufacturers – RCF, NFL have decided to bring down the MRP of DAP fertilizer by Rs.2500 PMT and of MOP by Rs.5000 PMT with immediate effect. Other fertilizer manufacturers have also agreed to bring down the price of MOP by Rs.5000 PMT. For DAP, they have agreed to reduce the MRP by more than Rs.2500 PMT, MOP 50 Kg bag will cost Rs.250 less and DAP 50 Kg bag price will be reduced by Rs.125.

First ever time in last 15 years, the prices of DAP, MOP and NPK Fertilizers have been reduced substantially and approximately Rs.4500 crore worth of benefit have been transferred to Farmers at large annually.