Vadodara Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) team trapped and arrested father son duo for offering a bribe to a class 2 officer for disposal of inquiry against him of impeachment of permit.

This is the first reverse trap case after 13 years as told by the ACB where the officer is the complainant who was offered the bribe by the accused.

The complainant in the matter is Nirupam G. Vaishnav a Class 2 officer and presently posted as Sub Divisional Manager at Gujarat Van Vikas Nigam and also having the additional charge of Godhra as Range Forest Officer.


According to the details the accused Malukchand Nathulal Agrawal and his son Kirti Agrawal offered bribe to the complainant after the later searched their go-down in Godhra and found they both impeach the government permit.

“The accused has a godown in Godhra where they ordered Gum used to make gugal dhoop from Ajanta Gum Traders from Shilod Maharashtra and then sold it from here to different places with government permit.

On 19 September Nirupam Vaishnav searched the godown and found 1108 Quintal was missing from the stock. They formed a report and send it to the office and they ordered a detail inquiry in the matter,” said P.R. Gehlot Assistant Director ACB Vadodara.


On 26th September 2016 the duo started to offer bribe to the officer to disposal of inquiry against them about impeachment of permit. “When the duo started to offer him bribe the complainant recorded the audio and video of their conversation where it was clearly audible that the accused offer 4 lakhs to them.

The complainant also said that he is a government servant and get salary and not entertain such things but the duo continue their efforts to convince him. However on 31st December the complainant officer approached us and register the case and we set a trap to caught the accused,” said Gehlot.

After the audio video evidence provided by the complainant the ACB team headed by PI G.D. Palsana under the supervision of Assistant Director ACB set a trap to caught the accused. “The deal was finalised by the accused as they offer 2 lakh in cash and other 2 lakh in cheque.


At 11am on 3rd January at Van Vikas Nigam office at Fajalpur Vasad the ACB team caught the accused Malukchand Nathulal Agrawal and his son Kirti Agrawal from the spot offering a bribe of 2 lakh to the complainant. We recovered 2 lakh in cash of new currency of 2000 notes and caught them red handed,” said Gehlot.

The accused are booked under Prevention and Corruption Act 1988 Section 12 and IPC 114 and further investigation is on.