ACB searched the houses of VMSS employees


The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) searched the houses of the Surveyor and Building inspector of VMSS Town planning department and found other items from there. The ACB found other items worth 12 lakhs from the house of surveyor and 1.40 lakhs from the house of Building inspector.

Assistant Director ACB P.R. Gehlot said that on Wednesday evening the trio Naisarg Joshi weekly editor, Surveyor Dinesh Varia and Building inspector Chirag Rana was caught for accepting bribe of 1 lakh from a ceramic businessman Jitendra Patel.

The ACB team searched the Surveyor house and found his house, two bikes, one scooty, one car and locker in SBI and 10 different bank accounts tune upto 12 lakhs of rupees.

However the team found 1.40lakhs various house items from Chirag Rana residence. All the accused are present before the court for remand by the police.

On Wednesday ACB nabbed two VMSS Town Planning employees and one weekly editor for demanding bribe from a businessman by saying the wall of his shop falls into the encroachment area. The trio set the amount from 20lakhs and later comes down to 6 lakhs and while accepting the first instalment of 1 lakh the ACB sleuths caught them red handed.


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