National Safety Day 2021

According to the sources about 500 people suffered by gastro related stomach disorders in Maharashtra.

According to the doctors the case is of infection, but till now it has not been revealed how so many people have become afflicted with gastro disease together.

The incident happened in Aurangabad city of Maharashtra, where at least 500 people have became sick. Patients have been admitted to the district hospital and other nearby hospitals. Many patients are admitted in private hospitals also.

Due to high number of patients in hospital, people have to put mattresses on the floor and have to sleep. According to the doctors the number of patients are increasing in the hospitals since Saturday morning in Aurangabad. All patients’ symptoms are alike, such as stomach ache, vomiting and loose motion. All of these symptoms are from Gastro. Therefore, it is more likely that the infection has reached due to eating or drinking something.


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