The AamAadmi Party of Delhi has completed three years of power over Delhi, the National Capital Region. The party is a nascent one, yet they have proved their mettle by winning the majority in the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections. The party has made statements that they have made a lot of changes to the National Capital region which the previous government that had ruled the place over for more than 15 years failed to do. The citizens of the city especially, the poor are way too happy with the governance that is exhibited by the present government. This is an analysis of the present government and what the government can avoid and focus better.

Pros under this reign

The following are some of the achievements of the party.

  • Power Tariff

The present government has claimed that they have significantly reduced the power tariff of the city. This is indeed a great achievement as it would lead to the increase in savings from the monthly expenditure.

  • Increased Sanitation

Earlier one could never take the plunge of entering into the public restrooms, now that there are so many modern restrooms all throughout the city. This, in turn, would reduce the spread of diseases.

  • Cheap and best education

The opening of alarge number of hi-tech classrooms for the public schools is a wonderful initiative to encourage the kids to go to school. The usage of modern teaching would reach out to the students even better.

  • Modern infrastructure

The government claims to have built the places of public usage like flyovers in a short span of time compared to the previous government.

The prices of basic commodities have gone down significantly under the reign of AamAadmi Party as claimed.

Cons under this reign

The following are some of the areas which when given much more focus would increase the chances of the government winning the next elections and maintaining a good name amongst the people.

  • Selecting the right set of party members with the right attitude who share the same motive is ideal for the success of a political party.
  • Passing unwanted comments using the social media handles and taking criticisms too seriously is to be avoided.
  • A status quo of not involving in corruption is to be maintained,and false statements should not be made.

Thus, any party shares its own set of goods and bads. The party should be open to constructive criticisms and grow for the betterment of the society.


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