Like environment the perfectionist Aamir Khan also changed his body very easily. From Dangal to till date the way Aamir Khan changed his appearance shows his dedication. Aamir increased his weight in Dangal and everyone surprised to see him and now the people are equally surprised to see the actor reduced his weight so quickly.

A fan shared a picture of Aamir from the sets of ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ where one can see the change very clearly. Aamir reduced himself to almost half in last six months and surprised all with his dedication.

He reduced himself to 70kgs from 120 and now he reduced more which take him down to the looks of PK and Dhoom 3. He not only reduced weight but also the shape of the body. One can see the perfect physique of him which be is well-known for.

He is doing the total opposite of what be done for Dangal. However his family always warned him of health issues due to the changes but the actor always surprised them with his uniqueness.

Aamir is a true perfectionist and always surprised everyone with his dedication and passion. He is always ready to surpass every challenge and the only one to do something unique and challenging every time.



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