A person in Vadodara lost his life in the stampede at railway station during the film promotion of ‘Raees’ by superstar Shahrukh Khan. Many people also felt conscious of suffocation due to the crowd and specially the passengers have to face problems due to the chaos at the railway station. Senior lawyer of Mumbai Highcourt Aabha Singh demand to register a police complaint under IPC 336 in the railway police station. She also said that in case police complaint is not registered she will take the superstar into the court.

Shahrukh khan travel by a train for the promotion of his film ‘Raees’ which proved too costly for a person in Vadodara as he died due to the stempede at the station. After the ill fated incident well known lawyer and social activist Aabha Singh wrote a letter to railway minister Suresh Prabhu. She mentioned in the letter that Shahrukh Khan is responsible for the chaos and trouble at the Baroda and Mumbai stations. She demand legal action against the superstar.

After the letter the Railway Ministry informed the Vadodara railway police top officials and Railway police called lawyer Aabha Singh to Vadodara for her complaint. On FridayAabha Singh came to Vadodara and give her complaint to the railway police and asked for register police complaint against Shahrukh Khan.

Lawyer Aabha Singh said that under railway act section 145,175 the railway administration has no rights to give permission to film promotion and any programme like this which put the lives of the passengers in danger. Film star Shahrukh Khan and his entertainment company M.L. Excel company got the permission for the promotion of the film ‘Raees’ through a rail journey is illegal.

Company also used social media platform for the promotion and due to that the fans of Shahrukh Khan reached the railway station in big numbers which turned the situation chaotic and one died due to the stempede. Shahrukh Khan is responsible for all the things which happened during the promotion.

Aabha Singh also said that railway police must register police complaint against Shahrukh Khan under IPC 336 which has one month jail for the accused. She further said that if the police failed to register the complaint then she will went to the court.

Central minister Uma Bharti said during the UP elections campaign that when she was the CM of Madhya Pradesh she make sure that the accused who abuse females get tortured by the police. On that particular comment Aabha Singh said that the minister just wants to get the vote of females. Till the crime is proved no body can punish anyone and it’s against the Constitution. She said she will write to the concerned department and demand for legal action against the minister.