A youth from Sokhadakhurd village was died under mysterious circumstances on Sunday night. He went to Varnama village with his wife and one and half year old son in the afternoon and later died under mysterious circumstances in the night. The in-laws family said that the youth died after the group of thieves beat him but the police has registered the case of accidental death and further investigating to know the exact reason of the death.
IMG-20170227-WA0007Rakesh Parmar 30 died when he went to his in laws house at Varnama village on Sunday. His father in law Manubhai Parmar said that his son in law was working in a private company at Bil and his daughter Jagruti and their one and half year old son came to met them on Sunday.
IMG-20170227-WA0008Around 9.30 pm they were sitting outside their home and Rakesh was playing with his son. Meanwhile Rakesh went for nature’s call and suddenly shouted Chor Chor. But they took it lightly as a gimmick and playing with his son.

Manubhai Parmar further said that after 15 minutes they heard the sound of the local people about caught a thief. They immediately rushed to the spot where they saw Rakesh in unconscious state. They immediately took him to Por government hospital and then shifted him to SSG hospital after his condition seems to be serious. He later died in the SSG hospital before getting any treatment.

IMG-20170227-WA0009During that time the news reached Sokhadakhurd village and Rakesh’s father Mahesh Parmar, mother Niru and other family members reached SSG hospital. Varnama police also reached the hospital and sent the body for postmortem.

The in laws of Rakesh continuously stick to their point that the thieves beat him which resulting in his death. They said that there was approximately three thieves who beat Rakesh and ran away.

The investigation officer of Varnama police said that there was no sign of beating or else on his body and they send their body for postmortem to know the exact reason of death. They registered accidental death and further investigating.