Her mother didn’t received the desired platform to showcase her talent years ago. Now the daughter starts a e commerce platform for artists like her to reach out to the art lovers. The website will provide a much needed space to the artists Pan India to spread their talent in form of their artifacts.

In one of its kind start up www.krerum.com “Krerum’ is an online e-commerce platform for Handmade, Creative and Innovative Products for Make in India concept. The aim is to give a space to the artists who somehow find it difficult to showcase their art and waiting for exhibitions.

Krerum is the brain child of Urvi Fansalkar who wants to do something for the artists after saw her mother sacrifice in absence of getting a desired platform at that time.

“My mother passed her B.Sc in textiles with distinction and in absence of desired platform and family restrictions she however didn’t pursue it further. I saw her struggle all through my life and after so many years finally managed to give a much needed platform to the artists from all across India,” said Urvi.

Vadodara based Urvi had a career as brand consultant for almost 15 years before starting this project. While asking what is Krerum she replied ”Krerum is amalgamation of two words ”Kriya” in Sanskrit and ”Rerum” (Creativity) In Latin. Meaning ”To Do things Creatively”.

“KRERUM is to recognise the art and give a platform to the artists all across India. They can sell their art purely handmade ones through our website and maximise their reach to the art lovers. We help them display their products in more visible way and only charge commission on sale,” said Urvi.

www.krerum.com is live for a month already has over more than 500 products to choose from with Seller base from various parts in India. There are over 35 different categories to choose from, which include, Art and Craft, Home Décor, Fashion, Stationary, Food Products and much more.

The Krerum team constantly looks out for Artisans through channel partners and NGOs and gives them a unique platform to showcase their art to entire India.
Upon asking about the products, Urvi said they are going to be innovative, rare, simple yet enchanting every time you look at them.

In future they will give individual page to the artists to display their details. The artifacts also have the details with it for the buyers and art lovers. A live chatting option is there for the people to know more about the products and their related queries.


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