The Jama Masjid in Vadodara popularly known as childhood home of Irfan and Yusuf Pathan is the home of biggest Quran in the world. As per the announcer (Baangi) in the mosque the Quran is 75inches in length, 41inches width with 30 volumes written by a Muslim leader in the year 1200.

It is said that the leader wrote the Quran by his own hands nearly 250 years ago and made the paper used in it. The writing of the Quran continued for nearly 65 years and gold was used in decoration of the border.

The holy book has a special place in the hearts of both Muslims and Hindus and they visit the Jama Masjid to worship it. The ancestors of Yusuf and Irfan Pathan take care of the holy Quran and now their father Mehmud Pathan continues it.