Natural calamities never gives you warning before it hits with a bang. It’s our responsibility to be prepare and aware about the techniques to counter in such situations. A mock drill at the city mall was held with the same intention where the NDRF and other agencies showcased the rescue efforts in situation of the earthquake hit the area.

A Joint Mock Exercise code-named ‘Operation Eva ’ was conducted in Vadodara  under the aegis of 6 Bn National Disaster Response Force Headquarters  Jarod, Vadodara. This exercise, aims to integrate all disaster management District stakeholders including the Fire Service, Vadodara  Municipal Corporation, District Disaster  Control, Army, CISF, Gujarat police, Health services, NCC, 108, Civil defence, Indian railways , SDRF/ SRP 9 , Eva security Management and some disaster relief  Agencies refining Coordination for response to various Disaster contingencies.

The exercise was conducted in EVA mall a three story shopping complex and basement a full security proof building in Vadodara , located about  28 KMS AWAY FROM NDRF Unit Headquater, Jarod Vadodara.  Contingencies narrated such as collapse of floor, gas leakage and fire casualty evacuation from the floors buildings, voids and trapped under rubble and debris , and extensive Search and Rescue  were exercised.

In addition, rescue from high rise building ( Rope rescue) by using techniques of double rope for safety of victims and rescuers too  also exercised. Exercise provided a realistic scenario for all stakeholders to assess readiness to respond to contingencies in the disaster situation  , as also to operate together in a coordinated manner.

The two-phase exercise took place Coordination Meeting and exercise in EVA mall and Coded Joint Mock  exercise  “OPERATION  EVA “April 6 through April 8, 2019. Coordination meeting  with  all stake holders on 6th April , 2019 and followed by Exercise on 8th April , 2019.

The exercise accomplished NDRF interoperability coordination and response objectives among the Stakeholders of disaster management of district Vadodara , emphasizing high-end Natural Disaster and CBRN emergencies  fighting preparation and training skills. This is the first  Exercise on Earthquake Jointly conducted by 6 Bn NDRF, Vadodara , Fire service, Municipal corporation Vadodara, Gujarat Police, Civil defence,CISF,ARMY,108 ,Health services, Eva disaster management  team and  security wing , other services  was conducted in the  city.

The exercise started at narrative time with the activation of Eva management by alerting and information to District administration and all concerned about Earthquake and situation and requested for help. During the exercise a combined teams of approx 200 rescuers from NDRF, FIRE service, SDRF, POLICE, CIVIL defence, 108 and Health services participated and worked like a real scenario.

Newly trained rescuers of SDRF/SRP 9 trained by NDRF displayed their skill perfectly. Observers from Army, Railway ,Civil defence and NCC were appointed to observe the shortcomings for improvement. After the completion of Exercise NDRF Commandant R.S. Joon appreciated the Joint Mock exercise.

“This type of exercise is necessary where we cover the possible disasters in a multi story building at the time of earthquake. The NDRF along with other agencies actively participate in the drill which helps them to act in such situations. We also have independent observers to give us the thorough details which help us to upgrade. Our teams always on wheel in time to attend any calamity and four more units are going to add in the present 12 battalions situated in different areas of the country,” said Joon.


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